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...today's construction marketplace relies completely on INNOVATION and a company's inherent ability to adapt and utilize new found TECHNOLOGY.  SHOTCRETE is that new technology and its use and functionality in todays concrete construction market place continues to unleash new construction opportunities every day.   The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust; recipient of the AIA Institute Honor Award - 2014 for Interior Architecture.   Shotcrete Structures constructed all vertical concrete elements via Shotcrete, inherently contributing to the overall importance of the SUSTAINABILITY of this landmark concrete project...take a look here; http://www.aia.org/practicing/awards/2014/interior-architecture/la-museum-holocaust/

Another recenlty completed significant SUSTAINABLE project is the City of Hope - Kaplan Pavillion.   Here the use of SHOTCRETE helped to address all 3 primary elements of what defines the SUSTAINABILITY of a project...Social, Environmental and Economic impacts and aspects.   The use of SHOTCRETE on this project helped to create a socially desirable place for people to meet and reflect, providing a common place for the community at the City of Hope to enjoy; created a minimal environmental impact and provided a economic benefit through savings in construction methodology.  The end result was a beautiful and landmark project for the community at the City of Hope...take a look here; http://belzbergarchitects.com/project/kaplan-family-pavilion-at-city-of-hope/

Our company culture is simple...provide the best product available at a competitive price, perform beyond our customers expectations [AND DO IT SAFELY] and display loyalty & integrity to our customers without compromise.

Todays construction marketplace has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and we constantly strive to help create new opportunities for our clients through innovative Shotcrete design, engineering and construction.  Shotcrete Structures performs work from Manhattan to Honolulu and North Dakota to Miami...wherever your project, we are ready to bring our Shotcrete services to you!  We provide nothing but the very best in wet-mix Shotcrete services and our performance in building concrete structures are hands down nothing less than superior; as we use nothing but the very latest Shotcrete technology, coupled with the neccessary support and innovation to make your project a complete success. 

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Innovation for Shotcreate Shear Walls by Shotcrete Systems, Inc. Shotcrete Redefined Museum of the Holocaust - Azure Magazine


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