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Architectural Shotcrete


Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Faced with significant concrete architectural concerns, features, complex shapes and budget considerations; the architectural firm of Belzberg Architects needed a viable concrete solution to their Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust project…that solution was Shotcrete. Shotcrete Structures was able to provide sought-after concrete design solutions and brought the proper construction methodology and necessary cost-effective means and methods of constructing this landmark project. Shotcrete Structures utilized a combination of 1-sided forms and highly skilled craftsmanship to Shotcrete all the vertical concrete elements on this project, in the end creating a breathtaking concrete structure of significant historic importance. The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust was the recipient of the American Institute of Architects Award in 2014 for Institute Honors for Architecture – all vertical concrete elements were created via Shotcrete; take a look here…Holocaust Museum Los Angeles — BA Collective

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