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Binishells, an innovative construction technique, represents a cutting-edge approach to sustainable and efficient building. Originally developed by architect Dr. Dante Bini, and now improving through innovation through Architect Mr. Nicolo Bini; Binishells leverage the principles of reinforced concrete domes to create sturdy, cost-effective structures with a myriad of benefits. These environmentally friendly Binishells are not only sustainable by the reduction of material usage, but also provide superior resistance to natural disasters. With a shorter construction timeline and lower ecological footprint, Binishells stand as a testament to sustainability in concrete construction and the fusion of architectural innovation and environmental consciousness. Embrace a future of resilient and eco-friendly buildings with Binishells.

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Universal Studios | City of Hope | Century Plaza Towers
In order to help reduce project duration and provide needed VE options to their client, Rudolph & Sletten employed the services of Shotcrete Structures, in order to provide construction logic and viability options towards utilizing Shotcrete to construct new Concrete beams and columns to reinforce the existing parking structure decks; originally designed using CIP Concrete. Shotcrete Structures was able to successfully implement the utilization of Shotcrete in lieu of CIP Concrete to construct almost 1,000 LF of beams and columns and provided substantial time and cost savings; while still maintaining all of the structural and quality requirements of conventional concrete.

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